Investment Criteria

Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality diverse investment opportunities in automation & instrumentation, consumer products, energy, financing, food & beverage, health care/life sciences, internet related, real estate, services, social ventures, software, telecommunications, and any other segment with high growth opportunity.

The criteria listed below are frequently asked questions by the Keiretsu Forum Screening Committee:

  • Specific experience
  • Overall experience
  • Complete team
  • Level of technology risk
  • Time to prototypes
  • Time to first ship
Market opportunity
  • Market definition
  • Market size
  • Market growth rate
  • Significant competitors
  • Domestic or international
Capital structure
  • Amount and type of investment
  • Has the management invested (skin in the game)
  • Date and price of last round
  • Are previous investors coming in this round
  • Loans outstanding
Company strategy
  • Does the company address a significant problem?
  • Competitive advantages (price, patent, lead time, skilled team, etc.)
  • Does the company effectively communicate its message?
  • Can the company distinguish itself from the competition?
Intellectual property
  • Number of patents granted
  • Number of patents applied for
  • Scope and strength of patents
  • Licenses owned
Proposed deal
  • Amount requested
  • Pre-investment valuation
  • Post-investment valuation
  • Terms
What the company needs
  • Resources beyond capital
  • Introduction to customers
  • Distribution partners
  • Key team members
  • How else can we help you
Company financial status
  • Current burn rate
  • How much in the bank
  • Cash horizon
  • Quarters to break even

Liquidity event
  • When and how

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